Shoeless pilot

After landing in the small airport island of Male in the Maldives, I await my flight on to the Hilton Rangali, a ‘hotel island’ in the Maldives, off the coast ofSri Lanka. The Maldives are a series of atolls of land, only approximately 80 of which are large enough to hold hotels on them.  On to the dock walks a young guy with no shoes on, and his shirt untucked, wearing a pilot’s shirt and says “you ready to go?”  Am I ready to go where??  With YOU??  Are you sure you can fly that floating thing?  Off to our sea plane, and we coast along the water and take off to soar over the crystal blue water, over the dots of islands and patches of land until we’re ready to land at the Hilton Rangalidock… We’ve made it, and I’ve never seen anything like this place. The lobby has a sand floor, and we’re met with a tropical cocktail and cold towel. The rooms are over the water, and all have stairs that lead to the most clear warm water you’ve ever seen. This is paradise!!

Maldives pic 3



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