15 Cows and a diamond ring

Crossing the border from Rwanda in to Uganda, I go through the Customs office, and notice a handsome man across the plexiglass. After processing and stamping my passport, I hear a deep African voice saying “Sharon Lee…Sharon Lee”… Out walks a tall handsome and very dark gentleman in a white shirt who immediately grabs both of my hands and says to me, looking in to my eyes, “I have 15 cows. You are beautiful. Stay here and be with me, and you will be my wife!”  WOW… Well, I can’t ‘wear’ 15 cows on my ring finger, but that’s their way in East Africa, offering a dowry of money, or cattle to take a woman’s hand in marriage.  He’s so handsome and sweet, I enjoyed the compliment, but explained that I must go on with my tour, and on to Uganda. We still keep in touch, and to this day, the texts, and emails all say, “Hello my wife”… We’ll see….

15 cows



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