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  • Culture Club Show SIZZLE reel

    Culture Club Show SIZZLE reel

    Culture Club is an exciting and daring show that will encourage every viewer to think differently about other countries, cultures and people all over the world. Our mission is to show the cultural diversity of other countries, and how anyone can have a life-changing adventure by just being open to meeting people, and going beyond the tourist attractions. We aim to change the misconceptions about international travel due to negative press from news and media, and we want our viewers and fans […]

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  • Uganda Episode

    Uganda Episode

    This is our very first episode traveling through Uganda, the Pearl of Africa.  We see mountain gorillas in Bwindi, and enjoy the busy city of Kampala, and other surprises along the way. You’ve heard of Ugandan orphanages and missionaries who travel there each year; This is the flip side of Uganda. Meet the local people, eat with them, party with them, go to university with them and do everything they do. This was an unforgettable experience. We summarized it in […]

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  • Every hour is happy hour in Saigon

    Every hour is happy hour in Saigon

    Every hour is happy hour in Saigon.  In the middle of Ho Chi Minh City, is the Saigon Brewery and I found this great bar right across the street, on the corner.  We had some chicken wings, peanuts, rice crackers and hard boiled quail eggs. Quail egg!! You gotta try that!  Yang and Son were fun to drink with, and I was the ONLY female and non-Vietnamese in the place. Great hosts, and we had a great time…. 6 jugs […]

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  • happy single lady

    happy single lady

    We met this lovely 85 yr old lady in her home in Danang, and she welcomed us in to her home, for tea, and bananas and jackfruit, and a chat.  I asked her what makes her the most happy in her life, and was surprised at her answer. These are the things that happen that you never expect, but part of the excitement of meeting the local people along the way.

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  • 7 ELEVEN Gangnam style Seoul, Korea

    7 ELEVEN Gangnam style Seoul, Korea

    7 ELEVEN Pit stop in Seoul, Korea. I found out that Gangnam means southern part of South Korea, and that Gangnam is the home of Psy, the famous pop singer.  Interesting to see the items in the aisles of  Korea’s 7-Eleven.

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  • The Challenge

    The Challenge

    Take the Culture Club Challenge with me, and join me on our next adventure. Submit your requests to travel with me, and an idea for our next destination, and have the experience of a lifetime, as we meet the locals,  and have some real adventure together!  

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