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  • Ho Chi Mhin City Airport

    The airport experience

    There’s such an energy in all airports around the world, and some feel that it’s a taste of what you’re about to expect in that country. Some count a visit to the airport as “I’ve seen that country”, but I don’t agree. I feel that one has to absorb at least one specific aspect of that country, outside of the airport, and one must give themselves a chance to get out of those airport doors, and experience the smell, and […]

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  • Vietnam, 2nd time around

    Vietnam, 2nd time around

    It’s my 2nd time here in 10 years, and I’m excited about what has changed, and what I will be seeing for the first time. On my journey, we passed through Korea en route to Hanoi, and I learned from the people sitting next to me, about the country, how it’s split, and their opinions, and way of life. Before even landing in Hanoi, I got an understanding about Korea, and I’d like to return some day soon to experience […]

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  • Japan


    You mean I booked an old traditional room, where you sleep on the floor, and wear traditional Japanese robes??  Arriving by bullet train from Tokyo, to Kyoto, I had to ask several friendly Japanese how to find my ryokan (traditional small hotel) and was greeted by the owner, with a yukata, and slept on a tatami mat… It was December so it was cold… but I felt very authentic.  After my party time in wild Tokyo, a quiet stay in […]

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  • Papua New Guinea

    Papua New Guinea

    In Papua New Guinea, I got to know the tribe called the Asmat.  They are still very rich in their traditions, and live with no running water, or electricity. They live off of nature, and use every part of the sago tree.  The trunk is hollowed out, and use for boats for travel across the rivers, the inside is made of tarot root and used to make a thick paste, which fills them up, and the worms that live in […]

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  • The Challenge

    The Challenge

    Take the Culture Club Challenge with me, and join me on our next adventure. Submit your requests to travel with me, and an idea for our next destination, and have the experience of a lifetime, as we meet the locals,  and have some real adventure together!  

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  • Shooting darts with Kenyans

    Darts with Kenyans

    On my way to Arberdere Forest in Kenya, we stopped along the road at a curio shop to pick up some souvenirs, and Joe, my driver, sat with the shopkeepers while I shopped. Everyone’s so friendly and kind in the shop, and I’m overwhelmed with choices of batiks and carvings to take home tocommemorate my first time in Africa.  I noticed out in back that there was a dart board and hay bails, so I went out to see what was going on, and asked […]

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  • Shoeless pilot

    Shoeless pilot

    After landing in the small airport island of Male in the Maldives, I await my flight on to the Hilton Rangali, a ‘hotel island’ in the Maldives, off the coast ofSri Lanka. The Maldives are a series of atolls of land, only approximately 80 of which are large enough to hold hotels on them.  On to the dock walks a young guy with no shoes on, and his shirt untucked, wearing a pilot’s shirt and says “you ready to go?”  Am I ready […]

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  • 15 Cows and a diamond ring

    15 Cows and a diamond ring

    Crossing the border from Rwanda in to Uganda, I go through the Customs office, and notice a handsome man across the plexiglass. After processing and stamping my passport, I hear a deep African voice saying “Sharon Lee…Sharon Lee”… Out walks a tall handsome and very dark gentleman in a white shirt who immediately grabs both of my hands and says to me, looking in to my eyes, “I have 15 cows. You are beautiful. Stay here and be with me, and you will […]

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