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Sharon Lee Culture Club Show

Sharon Lee Culture Club Show

After having traveled to 80 countries so far, I’m always being asked by many, “Wow, what’s it like there?” “Why did you go there?” “Is it safe?”

I created the idea of the Culture Club Show to change the misconceptions of international travel, and show the world how amazing these countries and cultures are around the world. The media and some news programs show a negative side to these exotic fascinating locations, and I’d like you to see the real people, hear about what they do, how they live, and go beyond the tourist attractions to get to know the locals. If one is open to talking to the locals, and inquiring about their culture or background, they are more than willing to open up about tribal beliefs, traditions, common activities in their town or village, and the traveler gets a much more interesting perspective on that location.

My background is a mixture of hospitality-based opportunities, as well as some ‘9 to 5’ jobs, but I always put travel as my priority. At age 17, I flew to St. Lucia to get a job at Club Med, but never applied for it. I just picked up the Club Med brochure in 1986, went to my local travel agency, found the least expensive hotel that I could find and walked in to the resort to take that job.

My career with Club Med would be on and off for the next six years, allowing me to work all over the Caribbean and the Bahamas. After one last stop in Maui, working as a server at a restaurant on the beach, I decided to get a ‘real job’, and worked in property management and the pharmaceutical industry. Fortunately, these employers understood my wanderlust, and gave me the flexibility to leave for vacations.

In 2003, I traveled around the world for 6 weeks alone, and visited 11 countries. This trip changed my life, and I met interesting people. When I returned to the working world, I noticed more and more that people weren’t taking their vacation time, and they weren’t traveling. It’s always been my passion to share the beauty of people and cultures around the world, so this series will show you what it’s like to interact with the real people!

On your next adventure, ask the locals what they do for fun, and most people anywhere are extremely wiling to show you the ‘real deal’!! The real deal is what makes a vacation an adventure. I want to open your eyes to the real people in these real places, so you can go too, and have some real adventure!




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